Children with coughs, colds or suspected of having any infectious illness should not be brought to sessions, especially when epidemics are known to be in the area. If your child has been sick in the night or has diarrhoea please keep him/her at home - it is the best place for the child and will help prevent the spread of the condition. Children must be kept away from nursery for at least 48 hours after the vomiting or diarrhoea has stopped. This is most important as staff can also catch infection, the result of which can be catastrophic, even resulting in temporary closure. Children who are ill quickly become exhausted and are less likely to benefit from their time at the Ark.

We like to be informed if your child has an infectious illness and ask that children stay at home until they are completely recovered. Ask your doctor for advice on incubation periods of infectious illnesses. It is also vital that we have knowledge of your child’s medical details and that contact numbers are kept up to date in the event of your child becoming unexpectedly ill.


Health, Illness and Medication Policy

If a child becomes ill whilst at the Ark, it is the responsibility of the person in charge to ensure that the child’s parent is informed. If the illness seems to be a reason for exclusion, the child should be encouraged to rest away from other children, but within immediate contact of an adult. The child’s carer should be encouraged to collect him/her as soon as possible. If a child has a communicable disease confirmed by his/her doctor, the Ark should be notified immediately, and other parents informed within 24 hours of the children’s exposure. Staff are responsible for ensuring that no child is admitted to the nursery who is suffering from an illness that warrants exclusion and ask for parents to co-operate in this matter.

Symptoms and illnesses requiring a child’s exclusion are: diarrhoea, vomiting, and a fever of 101F/38C or above, chickenpox, mumps, meningitis,
hepatitis, measles, scabies, impetigo, pediculosis, German measles, conjunctivitis and whooping cough. The Ark reserves the right to exclude children unless a doctor’s certificate is obtained.


Prescribed and other medications can be administered i.e. inhalers and Calpol. A completed form stating clearly the child’s name, medication, dosage and frequency of dose must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian before any medication can be administered. Staff will complete the record book as required.

Please note: Calpol can only be administered by staff for up to three consecutive days in a one week period.
No aspirin or ibuprofen will be administered unless prescribed by a doctor with a chemist name on the label.